La Boheme
Calgary Opera

“Corner should be celebrated for her vision in making this production so memorable. Her sense of whimsy permeated everything, from the character relationships to the set design, resulting in an experience where one can sit back and let the drama unfold. ” – Schmopera

Photo by Harder Lee Photography

“Brenna Corner, returning for her first stint as main stage director, imbued the cafe scene, and production generally, with inner life and vivacity. .” – The Calgary Hearld

“The production was filled with stage action of all kinds, especially in the well-timed comedy that opens the final act and in the dramatically complex scene at the Cafe Momus.” – The Calgary Hearld

L’Elisir D’Amore,
Vancouver Opera

” Director Brenna Corner has performed a minor miracle and created a potent blend of good staging, good acting — and good singing.” – The Vancouver Sun

“For Vancouver Opera, Corner has created a myriad of inventive and meaningful business for a fairly youthful cast of (mainly) Canadian singers.” – The Vancouver Sun

Photo: Tim Matheson.

Corner’s direction never allowed a comedic moment to languish, yet allotted ample space”.” – Opera Canada

“The direction of Brenna Corner after James Robinson was endlessly funny, uplifting, and delightful.” – Schmopera

The Atlanta Opera

“Famous songs and familiar arias seemed remarkable more for the way they wove into an overarching dramatic narrative, rather than for the way they popped out of it, which is one of the production’s many strengths” – The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Photos by Jeff Roffman

“It’s all given energetic expression with an effective emphasis on dramatic storytelling.” – The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Hansel and Gretel,
Vancouver Opera 2016 & San Diego Opera 2020

“Hansel and Gretel” is a magical introduction to the art form. “- The San Diego Union Tribune

“This year’s production — borrowed from Vancouver Opera, with Canadian director Brenna Corner reprising her original staging — is so visually intoxicating that even the 5-year-old girl in front of me was silently transfixed from the first note to the last.” – The San Diego Union Tribune

” A parade of wonders” -Georgia Straight

“Director Brenna Corner splits the difference, presenting a nuanced, whimsical production that at times knowingly sends up the various theatrical traditions associated with the opera. Entirely constructed out of two-dimensional flats, Corner wonderfully conveyed the shifting, dreamlike world of the forest” – Kevin W Ng, Bachtrack

“Director Brenna Corner’s approach to the action is conventional but tight.” – Vancouver Sun

“This production’s joys rest in the element of surprise, and we won’t give the best ones away here. Suffice it to say you’ll feel at one point like you’re sitting in a dark forest with glowing will-o’-the-wisps floating over your head. Other scenes are like Salvador Dali dreams: you’ll swear you just saw tree trunks blinking, or the Sandman’s eyes and ears floating through space. And we haven’t even mentioned the strange, moss-furred bog creatures that lumber out to stare quizzically into the orchestra pit […] But when all of this show’s diverse elements come together, the experience is near awe-inducing—no matter what your age” – The Georgia Straight 
“The parade of wonders here—most of it blissfully low-tech—will easily entertain children around eight and up” – The Georgia Straight